Overcoming Domestic Abuse


Overcoming Domestic Abuse is a workbook for women who have experienced abuse and those who support them on their journey to freedom.  It can be used individually or as the curriculum for a support group.


This unique book provides hope, inspiration and a pathway for victims of abuse to become true survivors.  It is also an excellent resource for friends, family, ministries and churches who desire to provide effective support for those impacted by domestic abuse.  This interactive guide provides critical insight and direction that is Biblical and practical, written by someone who understands the issue from personal experience.  Important information, skills, steps and strategies are explained along with real life examples so that the path to healing and strength is clear.  It describes a process of healing from the emotional and spiritual devastation caused by abuse.  And it offers help for parents who want to see their children set free from the generational cycle of domestic violence.  The goal is healing and transformation, emotionally and spiritually, for those who want to leave their victim identity in the past and move forward into a life of healthy relationships and freedom from abuse.  There is a way to rise above the chaos, confusion and conflict.  If you are a victim, be encouraged that you are not alone, and begin your journey to becoming a true survivor.