Overcoming Domestic Abuse

This unique workshop and accompanying workbook provide hope, inspiration and a pathway for victims of abuse to become true survivors, the Overcomers and More than Conquerors they were meant to be.  It is also an excellent resource for friends, family, ministries and churches who desire to provide effective support for those impacted by domestic abuse.  One in three women will be a victim of domestic violence in her lifetime, and this is true even in the church.  This interactive presentation and guide book provide critical insight and direction that is Biblical and practical, from the perspective of someone who understands the issue from personal experience.  Important information, skills, steps and strategies are explained along with real life examples so that the path to healing and strength is clear.  The process of healing from the emotional and spiritual devastation caused by abuse is presented, along with help for parents who want to see their children set free from the generational cycle of domestic violence.  The goal is healing and transformation, emotionally and spiritually, for those who want to leave their victim identity in the past and move forward into a life of healthy relationships and freedom from abuse.  There is a way to rise above the chaos, confusion and conflict.  If you are a victim, be encouraged that you are not alone, and begin your journey to becoming a true survivor.  Free Download: 10 Things Everyone Should Know About Domestic Abuse

A Kid’s Guide to Understanding Domestic Abuse

“What is going on?  Why does this keep happening?”  

Kids who have lived with domestic abuse need answers to their questions.

Children and teens have typically been given very little, if any information to help answer these questions, and often believe that they are at fault for the conflict and fighting between the adults in their home. Along with the burden of self-blame, they believe they must keep the secret of what really goes on at home as a way of protecting everyone involved.  Knowledge empowers and counters the helplessness kids often feel who are exposed to abuse in the home.  

The interactive format of A Kid’s Guide to Understanding Domestic Abuse will encourage kids to reflect on the information as it applies to their individual circumstances.  It also leads them to the realization that they can take control of their own lives and determine how they want to live, thus giving hope that they can break the generational cycle of domestic violence.

This book for children and teens is also available in Spanish.