Jody Cowdin

Jody Cowdin

Educator, Author, Speaker

Jody Cowdin has been a successful educator for over 35 years, in both regular classrooms and special education settings.  She believes in creating a healthy classroom and school environment, where teachers can teach, students can learn, and everyone can enjoy success.  Jody is passionate about building rapport with students, including those challenged by emotional and behavioral disorders.  She believes in clearly teaching students how to meet expectations, reflect on their behavior, and internalize lasting change.  Jody is able to teach others how to detect and correct problems before they surface, and handle behavioral challenges effectively in a way that is both firm and fair. 

In addition to teaching in public, private and charter schools, Jody has been a therapist for children and families, and she was an Associate Professor at Bethel University where she taught Child and Adolescent Psychopathology, and Art and Play Therapy among other courses.  Through her professional training and personal experience, she has unique insight and compassion for students struggling with mental health challenges.  She has used a wide variety of therapeutic interventions in both the clinical and educational settings, and she has instructed and inspired many other teachers. 

Jody has also lived her own personal journey in overcoming domestic violence and has written two books to help others do the same.  She understands the impact of family trauma on children and youth and how this affects their relationships, behavior and achievement in school.  After working in the field of domestic violence for five years, she followed her heart back to the classroom three years ago and is currently teaching at the middle school level.  To all of her presentations, she brings a wealth of experience, practical strategies, and insights into working successfully with all students.

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  • Classroom Teacher
  • Special Education Teacher
  • National Trainer, Classroom Management
  • Associate Professor of Education at Bethel University
  • Executive Director of a shelter for battered women and their children
  • Therapist for children and families
  • Master of Arts in Human Development, and Master of Education, Emotional and Behavioral Disorders