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Over the last 38 years, I have been a successful educator in a variety of settings and experienced first-hand the challenges faced in the classroom.  I asked the same questions that you have probably asked yourself: Students have such complex lives and needs – how can we engage them in learning and increase their achievement?  What if we could reduce disrespect and distractions, while focusing more time on teaching and learning?  It’s definitely possible and I can show you how.  There are research-based, data-proven, easy-to-implement strategies that you can learn in one day and immediately apply to your classroom. 

I also have presentations on two other topics: Student Mental Health, Trauma, and Suicide Prevention; and Overcoming Domestic Violence.  Please contact me today to find out more.

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Visit My Store

Visit My Store

I am pleased to offer  FREE Shipping in the Continental USA on all of my products sold online and by phone. I offer this program as a way to help you get the materials that will make you a great teacher…thus helping to improve teaching and learning in your classroom!  My two books on Overcoming Domestic Violence are also available by clicking on the My Store link at the bottom of this page.

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Classroom Management

Classroom Management Training

In just one day, a better way! My one-day seminar is filled with strategies to 1) remain calm and respond right when challenged, 2) teach expectations, 3) provide adequate, fair, and timely consequences, 4) arrange the classroom for maximum performance, and 5) develop strong student-teacher relationships.  Teachers love it because they have more time to teach and test scores go up.  Administrators love it because it means fewer office referrals.  And most importantly, students love it because they feel safe, respected, valued and competent.  It’s a win-win for everyone!

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Overcoming Domestic Violence

One in three women will be a victim of domestic violence in her lifetime, and many have children who witness the abuse.  This issue has a significant impact on the fabric of our society, and is often repeated through the generations.  How does someone overcome being a victim to become a true survivor?  This presentation is designed for those who have experienced domestic violence and those who support them on their journey to freedom.  It is especially valuable for those in the Christian community who desire to provide hope, help and healing.

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Request A Quote!

If a school was permitted to have just one training, Classroom Management is the one! My training will help to raise test scores for all students, decrease discipline challenges, and improve classroom rapport. You will learn how to meet students where they are and lead them where they need to be, capture attention, and promote deeper learning.

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My Services

About My Services

I train and speak on the following topics:
• Classroom Management
• Student Mental Health, Trauma, and Suicide Prevention
• Overcoming Domestic Violence
Presentations can be from two hours to one day trainings. Please read on to learn more.

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Mental Health, Trauma, and Suicide Prevention

The invisible burdens that students bring with them into the classroom can be overwhelming for them to carry and for educators to understand and address.  How do you teach your subject content to someone who is more concerned with family dynamics, basic survival needs, and social media drama that has them contemplating life and death?  In this training you will learn about common mental health disorders, trauma and the impact on the brain, how to recognize the indicators of suicidal thoughts and behaviors, and how to support and address the complex needs of today’s students.

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Accolades About My Presentations!

“WOW! I learned more in this short time than in years of in-services!” Iris Hawkins. “This training provided the best logical presentation I’ve ever had in 23 years of teaching. I have practical ideas I can use immediately. The trainer demonstrated great knowledge of what life is like in the classroom.” Neil Hudgens. “Fantastic!! Her style and approach to teaching and the materials helped us really absorb and retain the information.  We were all very engaged in the materials and motivated to participate and learn.”

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My Bio!

Jody Cowdin is in demand as a seminar leader. Her participants give her the highest marks as she delivers research based, common sense, practical, and proven strategies that are guaranteed to enhance your teaching techniques and improve your students’ performance.  

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